CGN - Training Tracks

Specialized Ministry Training Tracks

The Specialized Training Tracks take place on Tuesday and Wednesday and will include
Instruction, Roundtable Discussion, Experienced Facilitators and are Topic-Driven.


How exactly is the entire Bible centrally about Jesus? How should the Christ-centered nature of biblical revelation shape your approach to reading, teaching, and preaching Scripture?

The Christ-centered Preaching Track, facilitated by our friends at The Expositors Collective, is designed to help you understand and practice Christ-centered preaching. During the Roundtable dialogue portion of the training track you have an opportunity to discuss your unique questions related to biblical preaching with leaders who have faithfully and fruitfully preached Jesus from the Bible for many years.

This training track serves as the only “All Ages” Expositors Collective seminar of the year.Bible for many years.

The Culturally Aware Evangelism Training Track focuses on explaining and modeling approaches to evangelism that build bridges instead of barriers to understanding, when presenting the gospel in un- churched and de-churched contexts. If you are looking for biblical and practical principles for sharing the gospel in fresh ways with people in your context, this is the training track for you.
Day one (Tuesday) of the Theology Training Track will feature instruction and discussion with theologian, Dr. Gerry Breshears, on how pastors can and need to serve as resident theologians in the churches they lead. For practical demonstration, Dr. Breshears will help training track participants think theologically about one of the pressing theological questions of the current time: annihilationism and the eternal state of those who die without faith in Christ.

Day two (Wednesday) of the Theology Training Track, Brian Brodersen and Kellen Criswell will discuss an applied theology of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the life of the local church. The premise of day 2 is that many segments of the church today, including Calvary Global Network, need renewal in our understanding and practice of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Day one of the Church Planting Training Track, led by a multicultural team of church planting practitioners, will focus on the development of potential church planters. Instruction and discussion on day 2 will focus on developing biblical and flexible frameworks for discerning appropriate church planting approaches.

Day one there is a lot of talk about “gospel-centered” or “gospel-oriented” discipleship today. While the terms may seem trendy, it is vitally important for God’s people to understand how the gospel relates ongoing process of spiritual growth and character transformation. Day one of this track will feature instruction and discussion on the nature of gospel-oriented discipleship practice.

Day two, discussion will focus on how our understanding of the gospel should shape the way Christians process and address predominant cultural definitions of sexual ethics, caring for same-sex attracted Christians, and much more.

Day one of the Pastoral Ministry & Pastoral Sanctification Training Track will feature instruction and discussion with pastor and theologian, Dr. Ray Ortlund Jr., on unique challenges to spiritual growth faced by ministry leaders, and important factors for cultivating long-term spiritual health. In a day when ministry burnout and moral failure is epidemic, this is a crucial issue of our time.

Day two of the Pastoral Ministry & Pastoral Sanctification Training Track will feature instruction and discussion with author and pastor, Jarred C. Wilson, and Pastor Jordan Taylor, on the concept of the Church as the house of spiritual transformation. Focus will be on guiding congregations into corporate practices and rhythms that cultivate authentic character change.

Day one of the Worship & Mission Training Track will feature instruction and discussion on a biblical theology of worship, and the connection between corporate worship and the Great Commission.

Day two will center on discussing how theology of worship and mission should shape our practice in congregational worship. This track is designed with worship leaders, church elders, and worship ministry participants each in mind.

This track will explore the call to be the wife of a pastor: What is required? How do we fulfill this call? What are its unique trials and challenges? What is the best way forward in this call? How does it affect the way we interact with others? Along with dealing with these issues, we will target some of the most-asked questions concerning the call to being in ministry with our spouses.

Poimen Ministries is a mentor relationship that helps you turn your God-given Vision into Action and avoid the Distractions. Are you doing what God Commissioned you to do or do you feel held back? The Leadership Coaching Training Track is designed to help you identify your calling and make a plan that will move you forward through any season of ministry

Choose to attend one day of two separate tracks that are most relevant to your unique training needs.